Come Closer, like wind.

Tambaba é ó 👌👌 NATURISTA! #joãopessoa #tambaba #praia #tambaba2

"E dirá que há dias apenas da sua sagrada leitura" #ferias (em Littoral Hotel)

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Quanto amor! #joãopessoa #bolero #de #ravel #perfeito #paraíba (em Pôr do Sol (Bolero de Ravel))

Like a rolling stone 👏👏 #praia #ferias #coqueirinho #joãopessoa #conde

Nice! ✈️

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The last joke ever made on Friends.


"We’re walking down the street in New York and in New York the paparazzi guys sometimes ride around on bikes and they ride ahead of you and get to the end of the block and start snapping pics and they want to get you picking your nose or whatever.

"So I said to Bateman ‘Let’s have fun at their expense’ and just grabbed his hand. Which he was way too cool with. Sweaty palms, I’ll just say that. I feel like his internal monologue was ‘Finally…!’

"I wanted to make it look like we were just two guys out doing a little afternoon shopping in the Village, which is… actually what we were doing, so who’s the joke on…

"By the way, you can tell by the photo, I’m the top. Obvie." - [x]



if you’ve ever seen me get into an argument on here this is why



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